• Eliminates incrusted, burnt-on, greasy stains - reliably and effectively
  • The ultra power formula even sticks to upright surfaces
  • Kind on surfaces, odourless and food-safe
  • Also suitable for barbecues, grill racks, frying pans and fireplace screens
  • How to apply: Spray, leave to work and rinse out thoroughly with water and sponge (see description for details)
  • The Dr. Beckmann Oven Cleaner Active Gel is also suitable for grill racks, barbecues and frying pans and removes even the most stubborn of grime - painlessly and reliably.
₹ 449
About the Product - The adhesive active gel with Activated Carbon removes stubborn burnt-on food residues, encrustations, dirt and grease reliably. The powerful formula also clings to vertical surfaces, cuts through even tough baked on food and is gentle to the material. Without aggressive or harmful vapours. Not suitable for: Aluminium Plastic Painted/damaged areas Galvanized sheet metal Lacquered or damaged surfaces About Dr. Beckmann Wherever a stain appears around laundry and household, the competent, professional and high-quality special cleaners from Dr. Beckmann on the spot. A red wine stain on the tablecloth? Burnt fat residues in the oven? T-shirt with a gray haze in the washing machine? The specialists at Dr. Beckmann bring everything back into order. They solve cleaning problems when washing and in the household in a targeted and sustainable manner - and therefore better than any universal product.
Shake well before use! 

  1. Spray onto cold surfaces and close the oven door.
  2. Leave to work for at least 20 minutes, for heavily soiled ovens longer. Do not allow to dry.
  3. Wash out oven thoroughly with fresh water and sponge. Repeat procedure if necessary.
  4. Rinse the nozzle after usage.

How to use on fireplace screens:

  1. Spray surface evenly.
  2. Briefly leave to work.
  3. Remove dirt & rinse off thoroughly with fresh water and sponge.


How to use on pots and pans:

  1. Spray incrusted area.
  2. Leave to work for 20 mins einwirken lassen or longer for tougher stains.
  3. Rinse off thoroughly with fresh water and sponge.
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