• Removes a variety of even the most stubborn stains - for cleaner clothes
  • Gentle on fabric thanks to its oxy-power formula
  • Effective over 20° C, so even suitable for low washing temperatures
  • Easy-to-use, preportioned sachets can be added directly to the drum with the laundry you are treating
  • Each sachet is designed to treat a wash load of up to 5 kg
₹ 249
About the Product - Dr Beckmann Stain Remover In-Wash contains powerful stain fighters that attack and remove tough stains, yet the special active oxygen ingredients are still gentle on fabrics and delicates, quickly and effectively removing stains like food & drink to leave your laundry clean and stain-free. Not suitable for: New wool and silk About Dr. Beckmann Wherever a stain appears around laundry and household, the competent, professional and high-quality special cleaners from Dr. Beckmann on the spot. A red wine stain on the tablecloth? Burnt fat residues in the oven? T-shirt with a gray haze in the washing machine? The specialists at Dr. Beckmann bring everything back into order. They solve cleaning problems when washing and in the household in a targeted and sustainable manner - and therefore better than any universal product.

  1. Simply pop a sachet into the back of the machine drum on top of the laundry, then add your usual washing detergent as normal.
  2. Wash as usual (no short programme).
  3. Always remember to remove and dispose of the empty sachet at the end of the wash.

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