• Removes a broad variety of stains
  • Fresh stains can be effortlessly removed thanks to an effective combination of surfactants and active oxygen
  • The Stain Roller allows targeted stain removal
  • Reliable, residue-free stain removal ; kind on colours and fabrics
  • Ideal for removing grease, coffee, lipstick, make-up, juice, sauce stains, and many more
₹ 279
About the Product - The practical roll-on system removes a broad variety of stains such as oil, makeup, fruit, ketchup, red wine, coffee, grass and many more - quickly and thoroughly. About Dr. Beckmann Wherever a stain appears around laundry and household, the competent, professional and high-quality special cleaners from Dr. Beckmann on the spot. A red wine stain on the tablecloth? Burnt fat residues in the oven? T-shirt with a gray haze in the washing machine? The specialists at Dr. Beckmann bring everything back into order. They solve cleaning problems when washing and in the household in a targeted and sustainable manner - and therefore better than any universal product.

  1. Place an absorbent white cloth under the stain and completely dissolve it with the roll-on
  2. Thoroughly dab off the product liquid and dirt with a damp cloth or rinse under running water

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