• Stainless steel cleaner benefits from ultra powerful active foam formula - powerful degreaser removes even greasy finger prints
  • Fast, effective, streak-free cleaning for both matt and gloss stainless steel and chrome. Suitable for extractor hoods, sinks, taps and more.
  • Stainless steel cleaner actively protects metal thanks corrosion inhibitors - for gentle, streak-free kitchen care
  • Highly adhesive spray foam - ideal for vertical surfaces
  • Either use as a misty spray or active foam (see Directions for use)
₹ 379
About the Product - Specially formulated to clean and condition all stainless steel surfaces, as well as chrome and aluminium. The innovative, non-abrasive formula provides intensive degreasing power and leaves a glossy, streak-free shine. The active foam reliably sticks, making it ideal for large and vertical surfaces. Perfect for sinks, bathroom fittings, ex-tractor hoods, fridges, appliance or furniture panels, door panels, utensils, etc. Protects metal. Dermatologically tested. About Dr. Beckmann Wherever a stain appears around laundry and household, the competent, professional, and high-quality special cleaners from Dr. Beckmann on the spot. A red wine stain on the tablecloth? Burnt fat residues in the oven? T-shirt with a gray haze in the washing machine? The specialists at Dr. Beckmann bring everything back into order. They solve cleaning problems when washing and in the household in a targeted and sustainable manner - and therefore better than any universal product.

  1. Spray onto surface. - Foam function for adhesive active foam: fold down sieve Fine spray function for moistening: lift sieve.
  2. Leave to work for a few minutes .
  3. Use a damp cloth and rub/clean evenly.
  4. Wipe off with a damp cloth.
  5. Rub down surface with a clean, dry cloth.

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