• Fast Dissolving & Powerful Action
  • Sparkling clean dishes even in short cycles
  • Degreasing formula to tackle tough greasy residues
  • Its Lemon degreasing formula with glass protection action tackles though greasy residues for amazing results
  • Recommended by leading dishwasher manufacturers
  • Available in two variances: Lemon Degreaser and Shine & Protect
₹ 999
Fast dissolving gel formula. Flexible dosage - you choose how much you need to use. Sparkling clean dishes even in short cycles.Finish All in 1 Max Power Gel's fast dissolving formula gives you amazing shine & clean. Its improved lemon degreasing formula tackles through greasy residues for amazing results.
<5 % Polycarboxylates, Non Ionic Surfactants, Phosphonates, Contains Enzymes (Subtilisin, Amylase), Perfumes (Limonene)
Open the bottle and pour the gel into the dispenser inside the dishwasher. Close the dispenser and choose your washing programme.
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