• Instantly reduces extra moisture, dampness, fungus, mould & mildew caused by humidity
  • Reduces musty smell and freshens
  • Prevents growth of fungus, mold & mildew
  • With anti spilling system.
  • Your partner against dampness
₹ 199
Mr Nomo is a magnet like desiccant that absorbs all moisture and helps fight fungus, combats growth of moulds and mildew. Regular usage improves the quality of air and helps provide healthier air to breathe. Your priced possessions (clothes, collectibles, books, shelves, gadgets etc) will surely be free from moisture marks, mould stains and unpleasant smell. Mr Nomo is easy and absolutely safe to use with your loved ones around. It is sure to be your best friend when it comes to clean and hygienic housekeeping. Each lasts up to 60 days depending upon weather conditions.
Calcium Chloride
How to use: 1 open the lid remove foil cover and the top brand label. Do not remove the white membrane. 2 Close the lid and place the box wherever desired. 3 When water in the lower box reaches its mark, replace with a new one
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